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Superheros/Famous Characters
Which television show, book or fairy tale characters do your kids love the most? It is highly likely we have them all available for your next event! Call for availability and pricing. Highly sought out characters include, but are not limited to:

​​                                                 Mickey            ​            Spiderman
                                              Superheros                       Barney 
                                                 Pirates                         Princesses 
​​                                                                              ​
​​​​Our magician is a specialist in close up sleight-of-hand illusions for small sized groups to large audiences. Whether it is for an intimate birthday party setting or a very large corporate event, for kids or adults, we have the perfect magician for your individual needs. Trust us on this, you will be very impressed and amazed!!

Stage Mentalist
A psychological illusionist, a mind reader, a it whatever you like! Our mentalist has perfected his skills not just in messing with his audience’s minds, but insuring they all love the entire experience! Having trained as a Forensic Scientist and specialised in Criminal Profiling, he has taken all of his psychological skills and background hypnosis to design a truly unique entertainment genre.

​​Face Painting/Balloon Animals
These 2 are awesome!  They will provide very creative and spontaneous face painting designs and unbelievable looking balloon sculptures sure to delight.

Caricature Artists
Everyone loves cartoons and comic strips. Why not hire a caricature artist to draw cartoon pictures of your guests? It's fun and entertaining and your guests get something memorable they can take home and frame!

Variety Performers & Jugglers
These guys are high skilled variety entertainers. They spin things, balance things, juggle and can even do this at the same time! These types of performances are perfect for your large scale shows to schools.

Celebrity Impersonators
"OH Behave..." From Austin Powers to "Ladies and Gentleman...Elvis is in the building!", we have some of Toronto's liveliest celebrity look-a-likes available for an appearance or how about for a quick singing telegram! Just tell us what message you'd lke to incorporate into a song and our look-a-like will make sure the message gets sent! Call for details and availability!

​Our dancers offer a wide range of cabaret dancing styles including hip hop dancers, gogo and burlesque dancers. So if you are craving something modern we offer street and hip hop dancers or maybe something exotic for your themed event. All our dance shows are great.